"I was in the little group, in about 1966. The only pictures you would see of me were when we played at some anti-Vietnam War demonstrations in Berkeley, and in the recording session (their first !) where we recorded the original Fixin' To Die Rag - that was in Chris Strachwitz's house (Chris is the owner of Arhoolie Records).  I recall that Sonny Terry was just packing up and leaving the house that day (in 1966 or so) after recording his harmonica magic at Chris' house, earlier in the day. Boy, those were lively times!"
Carvel Bass
Photo by Carvel Bass
  Carvel Bass
December 2001
Richard Saunders
Photographer Unknown

David Cohen
Bob Hogins
Mark Kapner
Scott Lawrence  

Harold Aceves
Greg Dewey
Dave Getz
John Francis Gunning
Gary "Chicken" Hirsh
Jeff Myer 

Peter Albin
Paul Armstrong
Bruce Barthol
Jack Casady
Roger Clark
David Hayes
Doug Metzler
Mark Ryan
Richard Saunders

Carvel Bass
Mike Beardslee
Bob Flurie
Carl Schrager 

Complete genealogy of Country Joe & The Fish
Photo by ED Denson
ED Denson's Website
ED Denson
    Greg Dewey
September 2003
Photo by Donna Lynn Johnson
David Cohen & Bobby Flurie
                 April 1999
Photo by Todd Bolton
By Ron Cabral

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Chris Rowan, March 2005

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Photo by Ron Cabral
From left, Barry "The Fish" Melton, Jeff March, Marti Smiley Childs and Mike Pinder pose for a quick picture at Borders Jan. 8, 2000, in Davis, California.
Photo by Amanda March
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Bill Belmont & Country Joe
Photo by www.ragbaby.com
Country Joe & The Fish History
"History of the Jabberwock" by Corry Arnold
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