Country Joe & The Fish
Woodstock, August 1969
"Some attendees to the festival even reported that yelling FUCK was the highlight of the festival for them. This of course is mind boggling to me as I always wanted to be known as a sensitive poet not a person who taught a generation to yell an obscene word."

                         -Country Joe McDonald, 2004
"To many folks, if not most folks, the version of the band they remember the most is the one that appeared in the movie Woodstock. And no wonder, the Woodstock album has now sold about 10 times as many copies as all of the Country Joe and the Fish albums put together and I feel quite confident in saying that the movie has probably been seen by hundreds of millions of people on our planet. Which, in essence, reduces my 30 seconds of fame to an image of a long-haired guy in a floral shirt holding what appears to be a joint up to a camera lens."

                                    -Barry "The Fish" Melton, 2004
Read about the famous "F-U-C-K Cheer" performed by Country Joe McDonald during his impromptu solo appearance at Day 1 of Woodstock 1969.
Country Joe  Mark Kapner  Barry Melton  Greg Dewey  Doug Metzler
    Vocals       Keyboards      Lead Guitar       Drums            Bass
Country Joe McDonald Solo Set Day 1

1. Janis
2. Donovan's Reef
3. Heartaches By The Number
4. Ring Of Fire
5. Tennessee Stud
6. Rockin' 'Round The World
7. Flying High
8. I Seen A Rocket
9. Fuck Cheer / Fixin'-to-Die Rag

Encore: One more verse and chorus of Fixin'-to-Die Rag 
Country Joe & The Fish Set List Day 3
1. Rock And Soul Music (short version) / Love
2. Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
3. Sing Sing Sing
4. Summer Dresses
5. She's A Friend, She's A Lover
6. Silver And Gold
7. Maria
8. The Love Machine
9. Mark Kapner plays uke and sings Tiny Tim song & a Jimi Hendrix riff as he smashes uke.
10. Crystal Blues
11. Rock And Soul Music (full version, 13 minutes long)
12. Fuck Cheer / Fixin'-to-Die Rag 
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On the first & second DVD, Country Joe performs the "F-U-C-K Cheer/I Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die" and Country Joe & The Fish perform "Rock and Soul Music," now digitally remastered with 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. On the third DVD, Country Joe McDonald is shown singing "Flying High."
Woodstock: The Lost Performances

This VHS video was put out in 1990 and contains footage that was never seen in the original 1970 theatrical release or the Woodstock Director's Cut DVD. This video is getting harder to find among Woodstock collectors. There is no known licensed or commercially released DVD of The Lost Performances at this time.

However, VHS videos can still be purchased, if you're able to find one. I will assist as much as possible by offering these links. These may be your best bet to secure a copy.

On this video, Country Joe McDonald performs "Rockin' All Around The World" as part of his solo performance from Day 1.
Mike Somavilla Collection
Doug Metzler, Greg Dewey, Mark Kapner
Woodstock poster by Arnold Skolnick
Photo by Brian Lanker
Country Joe McDonald's actual Woodstock jacket.
    Jerry Garcia & Barry "The Fish" Melton
Outdoors and On-Stage, Woodstock 1969
                                         Photo by William Buchel
         Barry "The Fish" Melton
       Outdoors and On-Stage, 2005
Festival Hippy Saint Jean D'Aangely (France)
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Photographer Unknown
Barry Melton Collection
Photo by Tom Weller
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Country Joe McDonald At Woodstock 69

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Photo by Dave Diamond
Greg Dewey, Yellow Springs, Ohio
              September 2007
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Mark Kapner, 1970
Mark Kapner Collection
Mark Kapner Collection
Mark Kapner, 2003
Doug Metzler, 2001
Photo by W.Weller
Barry "The Fish" Melton                                 Greg Dewey                             Country Joe McDonald